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A Responsive Web Design that shows and functions great in all devices.This website is also built as a Content Management System so the website ower can make changes as needed.



This is a Static website created and managed by a web master. This website has kept this attorney Jeremy Levy on page 1,  number 1, in Google searches for Toledo Attorney for years.

toledo attroney mobile


This is a responsive web design used as the mobile website for In some instances a company may not want to change there main website that has servered them well in the past but also not want to miss out on mobile traffic.


*SEO - Search Engine Optimization, *CMS - Content Management System, *RWD - Responsive Web Design


Why The Internet?

The Internet has changed the dynamics of our business world. What worked in past decades (TV, radio, trade shows and print advertising) can not compete with the internet for cost effectiveness.





Mobile Websites
(50 Reasons to have one)

1. 1525% increase in mobile data
usage between 2010 & 2015.
2. 72% of consumers want
mobile-friendly sites.


48 More Reasons...


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